Team building

Twenty years of experience in the organization of team building activities in Belgium

Entrust us with organizing your team building or corporate event! Annapurna Consult offers a variety of indoor and outdoor games, all customizable according to your needs and employee preferences. Located at Dolce in La Hulpe, we also offer our services throughout Belgium and internationally.

Are you a human resources manager or company executive who understands that to strengthen team cohesion, organizing events that bring your collaborators together outside the professional context is an ideal method? Organize an indoor or outdoor team building, a perfect activity to achieve this goal. Through entertaining games, your collaborators can better discover each other, establish trust bonds, identify the strengths and weaknesses within the group, and improve skills that directly affect productivity at work.

Since 2000, Patricia Anis and her company Annapurna Consult have specialized in organizing team buildings for companies of all sizes, in Belgium and internationally. Whether it’s a treasure hunt, an adventure game, or thought challenges, we tailor the content to your goals and requirements, or we take the reins to concoct a tailored experience, whether in Brabant Wallon or elsewhere in Belgium.

We can propose an indoor game in the morning, followed by outdoor activities in the afternoon, and can conclude the day with a themed evening or a special event. It is also possible to combine your team building day with the organization of a customized seminar.

Team building indoor

Given the unpredictable weather of Belgium, it is wise to include at least one indoor activity in your planning. We offer a variety of games designed for teams, to be carried out at the location of your choice.

For our two escape games, The Sphere and The Cube, participation must take place exclusively at our facilities at Dolce in La Hulpe, located in the heart of Wallon Brabant.

Team building outdoor

Are you planning your team building during the summer season? We offer a selection of outdoor games that have gained cult status over time. Depending on the number of participants and the selected game, we will entertain your employees in a park of your choice or in the green environment of Dolce in La Hulpe.
For more information on organizing our team buildings, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email! They have trusted our event agency to organize their corporate event.