Team building outdoor

Organization of a Team building activity outside

Want to enjoy the outdoors with your employees? Organize a team building outside! In a park of your choice or in the Forêt de Soignes that surrounds the Dolce La Hulpe, entertain your teams by offering them a fun activity to strengthen their cohesion and their relationships.

Team building outdoor

Activities that can be adjusted according to your desires

Annapurna Consult offers you the organization of an amazing and fun team building in the location of your choice. Outside a seminar room, in the park next to your company or in the park of the Dolce La Hulpe, we offer games that have become the craze over the years.

Combined with another indoor activity like The Sphere or The Cube, or arranged the participation of children during a Family Day, our games are flexible and fully custom!

Outdoor team building activities

  • Lost
  • Les 7 clés de Bruxelles
  • Strike Force
  • And more
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Annapurna Consult, always ahead of an idea, offers one of its best-of: LOST in the heart of the beautiful Forêt de Soignes 15 minutes from Brussels on the grounds of Dolce La Hulpe.

An original and exciting outdoor challenge, a prologue to the famous “The Cube” or as a unique activity.

Inspired by the series that goes by same name, this is an inter-team challenge where participants in teams will need to solve riddles to locate the home of Professor Gordon, a missing scientist, and to apply survival techniques . Once the clues are assembled, they will be able to piece the secret of the bunker together where they will find a mysterious chest and its secret combination. Who will be the first team to unravel the mystery of the safe?

  • Participants: 8 – 120
  • Duration: 2 to 6 hours (long or short formula)
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An unprecedented treasure hunt in the historic center of Brussels: forget the world of today to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Brussels in the 16th century. Religious debates and economic conflicts are often as intense as wars and sometimes as deadly.

The Patriarchs need your help to recover the 7 keys of Brussels. Through your bravery and brilliance, you will accept the adventure. Find the keys before the Duke of Alva takes over.

Treasure hunt, tastings, discovery of the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Brussels, everything is there to make this day a success. Professional actors participate in this adventure and contribute significantly to the quality of this program. Do not wait a moment, the adventure awaits you!

  • Participants: 15 – 250
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 to 3 hours
Les 7 clés de Bruxelles
Les 7 clés de Bruxelles
Les 7 clés de Bruxelles


A hilarious commando raid! The military theme is transformed into a funny and dynamic battlefield during team missions. Motivate your troops, explode and be the best in applying survival skills learned during training and a rescue mission. Save your VIPS and rescue the wounded.

  • Participants: 20 – 300
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
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Strike Force
Strike Force
Strike Force
Strike Force


Scene 1, Take 1:
create your own video following different thematics

Top Challenge:
sportive and intellectuel challenges

Mission S:
S forTHE SPHERE, the outdoor activity related to the escape game THE SPHERE

The Treasure of Sire Lancelot:
an original treasure hunt

Age of Empire:
giant monopoly during the era of the Roman Empire

Olympic Games:
fun challenges


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