Companies of references who have trusted us

Since 2000, many small and large companies have used the services of Annapurna Consult for the organization of their team building activities, corporate events or coaching sessions. Here are some their testimonials, do not hesitate to send us yours!



Excellent ideas,

This activity takes place in the cellars of a luxurious seminar center, at the Dolce La Hulpe and its many facilities for seminars - not to mention the possibility to participate in activities on site , this time we went for an outdoors activity in the beautiful green environment of the hotel, THE LOST, another Annapurna Consult team building activity.

This activity highlights excellent challenge ideas, backed by the enthusiasm of its team. It is necessary here to emphasize the role of the professional actors who create a particular atmosphere and ensure the credibility, but also the fun of the game. 'activity. Events with acting are really the specialty of this company.

All the activities that this company organizes are designed to create maximize teamwork within the teams, in case of new arrivals, for example, but also to refocus the team on the values of the company or to make them evolve towards new ones. Networking opportunities are also of paramount importance. In fact, this forms a whole: the basic support that constitutes the activity must be interesting, but everything that surrounds it is very important for it to work.



As part of a "thank you weekend" for its best customers, the hotel Spa-Balmoral has suggested the activity Conquest, a giant version of the famous game Monopoly on a global scale, proposed and orchestrated by Annapurna Consult . And the least we can say is that the participants, although hesitant, came out totally ... conquered! As explained by Jan Kleingeld, Relationship Manager of the Spa-Balmoral Hotel.

"The participants, divided into three teams of all ages, found themselves immersed in a TV show. Inspired by the Monopoly, "Conquest" is played with giant dice and the objective here is also to buy a maximum of land and make them prosper (factories or offices in the version for companies). In addition to the traditional prison, participants also have to do a lot of activities when they come across "lucky" or "unlucky" boxes (limbo, karaoke, mime, etc.). All in a highly charged and communicative musical atmosphere, boosted by true quadrilingual comedians. "

Positive reactions

"Although hesitant, the participants quickly took to the game and discovered how it facilitates exchanges (via purchases and exchanges of properties, in particular). In addition, it was nice to see these corporate executives take full advantage of the proposed activity, as they did not have to worry about managing a group, as is usually the case when they take advantage of our hotel. This has earned us a lot of positive feedback, "concludes Jan Kleingeld.


Everything went very well and our people were happy!!! We spent a great day today !


I wish to thank you for for the quality of the activities and the excellent organisation of this event. I appreciated that you have integrated all our requests regarding the timing as well as the content of the activities. It was a beautiful challenge !


It was amazing ! Our people were unanimously happy with this event.


Axa about "The Cube"

Really happy.


Axa about "Lost" and "The Cube"

Hello Patricia, thank you again for the great day Friday! I think I can say that all the staff really enjoyed the atmosphere all day long. See you soon for another collaboration ..

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