A tailor-made coaching program for your employees

Regardless of the size of your company, coaching assignments can be useful to strengthen your teams, educate your employees and bring them to reflect on topics that are important to you. Entrust them to a company with 20 years of experience like Annapurna Consult.

Different possible goals

As a reference in the organization of team buildings and events for companies, Annapurna Consult has been able to develop expertise in staff coaching. That's why we propose to combine your team building with a more reflective assignment and skills enhancement that you can determine yourself, as a boss or human resources manager.

  • Make your employees aware of specific strategic issues related to the development of your company
  • Gather them around key-values and implement them by the concrete of an activity
  • Help them discover how to work together more effectively
  • Make them aware of their strengths and talents on specific topics
Formation coaching

Various themes can be worked on in groups, such as leadership, conflict management, collective intelligence, safety, well-being in the work place ...

Thanks to our escape games The Sphere and The Cube, specifically designed to work on strategic matters. We can Reinforce and optimize key ideas in the organization of your company to create a tailor-made program.

A certified coach-trainer

We can include in the organization of your event the presence of a certified coach-trainer to :

  • debriefing / feedback sessions at the end of their team activity
  • training / coaching workshops - methodological tools, exercises, role plays with the participation of one of our professional actors,
  • your entire seminar on 1/2, 1 or more days, of which The Cube or The Sphere can be the accomplishment.

Key-values that we can work on

  • Transmit a clear message so that it is understood correctly
  • Ability to reformulate instructions and validate understanding
  • Breakdown of tasks and stress leadership
  • Communication under stress
  • Share and showcase the experience
  • Distribute encouragement
  • Differentiate the urgent from the important
  • General assertiveness
  • Organization
  • Listening: expressing your ideas and remarks, input from everyone
  • Team spirit
  • Try to help and not to save
  • Share stressful experiences
  • Breakdown of tasks and mutual help under stress
  • Pay attention to all
  • Team spirit
  • Everyone is a link in the chain
  • Anticipation by successive acquisitions
  • Encourage, motivate each other
  • Taking responsibility and calculating risks under stress

Do not hesitate to contact us for a tailor-made offer!

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